Clinical Neuropsychology Stream Core Faculty

picture of Core faculty of the Clinical Neuropsychology stream

Picture above: Top row left to right: Magdalena Wojtowicz, Christine Till, Norm Park, Walter Heinrichs. Second row left to right: Shayna Rosenbaum, Mary Desrocher, Jill Rich, Gary Turner.


The Clinical Neuropsychology Stream ( CNS ) provides courses and training opportunities for graduate students planning to seek registration with The College of Psychologists of Ontario and wishing to provide clinical neuropsychological services.

The CNS mounts a Clinical Neuropsychology Rounds in which prominent clinical and research neuropsychologists give informative talks on topics of interest to clinical neuropsychologists. These rounds are open to all members of the university, but students in the Clinical Neuropsychology Stream are required to attend. Students unable to attend a round in person can view it afterward from a password-protected site with secure remote access.

Students in the stream receive a strong foundation in Clinical or Clinical Developmental Psychology, depending upon the area in which they are registered. In addition, students are required to take courses in neuropsychology and obtain practicum training at sites providing neuropsychological services. Please see the program requirements for more information.

The Clinical Neuropsychology Stream consists of students from both the Adult Clinical Program and the Clinical Developmental Program at York. Master's level applicants must choose one of these areas, depending on whether they wish to work with adults or with children, youth, and families. Those applying to work with one of the faculty in the CNS will be admitted to the CNS automatically. Students from one of the Clinical areas who did not enter the CNS initially may apply subsequently with permission of their supervisor. Application information can be found in the Clinical Neuropsychology Stream Handbook.

Both halves of the CNS are accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association (the Clinical-CNS program since 2016 and Clinical Developmental-CNS since 2017). If you have any questions or concerns about the accreditation status of our program, please contact the Clinical Neuropsychology Stream Coordinator, Dr. Walter Heinrichs